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Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Longest Land Journey! - Part I


Clock is ticking (digital... but still :P)

About the same time last week, I had just returned from the longest land journey I ever did.

I travelled 3300 kms in just 2 days!

It was impromptu and very necessary trip. I could give you all the details, but what’s the fun in that. Keep an eye on my blog and FB page, all of you are in for a treat over the next few weeks!

So, yes, 3300 kms... Secunderabad - New Delhi - Secunderabad!

That's Meee!!
I’ve never travelled any further north than Mumbai. This was my first time in northern India. Bear my excitement now, it was extremely cold but I was partly enjoying myself!

I found it fascinating to watch a family covered in shawls and thick warm clothes huddled up and waiting for a train at noon.
I was never so amazed to breathe out and watch my breath turn into lovely mist at 1 in the afternoon!

I was wearing good warm clothes so I was hanging out for a bit. I couldn’t wait to share all this with my friends. So I was clicking pictures continuously and sharing them. A few good friends facing the US blizzard did tease me a bit. But I was so excited, I continued clicking.

OK wait! I have to tell you that I was using my phone (Nexus 5) to do all the photography. Since the trip was on short notice I decided to challenge myself for a day without 7D. XD

I ran up and down the platform at Hazrat Nizamuddin clicking many many pictures. It was not too late before the chill of the day got to my spine and I quickly had to make my way indoors. I took up a room at the railway station to freshen up and then left to attend to my work.

The auto ride was painful! No, the roads were fine, the driver was cool , but the windchill was literally freezing me up!

I got to my destination rather quickly, so I walked around clicking more pictures and about 2 hrs later I wrapped up my work. I now had a few hours to kill, so I headed into the city with no direction whatsoever.

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