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Sunday, July 21, 2013

   It was my first day in the City of Angels and I decided to do some street photography. To be honest I enjoy shooting landscapes and cityscapes better, but I wanted to document things as I saw on the streets. So I did a lot of photography on the streets too. More picture below.

   Chatuchak Market (or JJ Market, for JatuJak) is a market North of Bangkok. It is a weekend market, so it is crowded all weekend (over 200K visitors a day). It is also the largest market in Bangkok and has over 10,000 stores. A wide range of products are available here ranging from clothes, accessories, toys, bikes, antiques, crockery, gardening equipment, souvenirs, construction supplies and even pets. You can literally buy anything here!
   Apart from tourists people from all over Bangkok come to shop here. It is like a one stop deal for them too. Considering how close the BTS line is to the market, it makes complete sense for people around town to shop here.

   The market also gives us a chance to taste the local cuisine and enjoy some good street food. From naturally made cool drinks and juices to fresh and fruity desserts. They even sell instant flavoured ice-pops. It's really hot out there during the day, so stopping to grab a quick bite and quick sugar pump is really something you should do. Following are a few more pictures from inside the market.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chinese Bandi

As we drove through multiple villages across eastern Andhra Pradesh, I kept seeing these street hawkers with their funky carts.

Any Indian would recognize them instantly as a "chinese bandi"... and to those who haven't yet figured... this is a chinese food stall. We call it chinese, but it really is Indian-Chinese! All spiced up and 'Masala-ed' to the Indian palette and nothing like the real stuff.

Also this Chinese bandi is very different from the ones we find here in HYD. HYD bandis scream in red colour and have a lot of food hanging behind the counter. This stall is from behind the Taxi Stand, Vijayawada, pretty close to Eluru Road.

More details ahead!
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